Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've been blog tagged!

Being new to blogging and all, I didn't even know about blog tagging, but it happened to me (thanks Aspen!) I saw I was tagged while at family reunion and when I got home I took my pictures and am finally now getting to post. So, I think I followed the rules - I am just slow to get it done.

The rules are you have to take a picture of the following 10 things. No cleaning, straightening, wiping noses or combing hair. Then you tag 5 others.

1. Fridge (I had just been to Costco so things are pretty full. I feel like I need 2 fridges.)
2. Closet

3. Self Portrait (I had just finished a jog so here you go!)

4. Favorite Room - It's the living room. We just got a new couch and are slowly decorating how we want. It is becoming a very peaceful room.

5. Kitchen Sink

6. Laundry Room

7. Toilet

8. What my kids are doing right now. Well, it was late when I took the pics so they were all sleeping! (Except Darren)

(this isn't posed, Amanda just happened to be hanging off her bed when I checked on her!)

9. My Dream Vacation: Not sure. I would like to go about anywhere with my husband where we can be outdoors, be warm and not have to worry about kids or how much things cost.

10. Favorite shoes. I don't wear them often but these are comfy and I love them!

So there you go. I tag Annette, Marjorie, Melinda, Heather (it will give you something to do while on bedrest) and Devin.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Reunions are AWESOME!

Last Sunday (I know I am slow) we got back from our family reunion vacation which stretched into 10 days with the extra fun we had. We began on the 4th of July heading over to Kennewick to spend the holiday with Grandpa and Grandma McCain. We also got to spend some time with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Kesler. Like the schmoes we are, we were bad a taking pictures the first part of our trip. We left Sunday the 6th for Othello, WA where we spent the evening with my cousin Theresa and her family. We pulled the camera out just as we were leaving so we could prove we were there!The Proof we were there (that is her house number!)

Next it was on to Kellogg, WA. We first made a stop in Spokane to see some friends from BYU and for Aaron to get some info on good fly fishing spots in Kellogg area. Thanks Brett and Kim for letting is crash your house for a few hours. It was great to see you (again, no pictures! I guess were were just off our game at this point)

We couldn't wait to see eveyone and stay in the 12,000 square foot castle. It was awesome! Of course there are too many fun pictures to post but we will try to highlight the highlights.

Those are crystals oozing from the rock. It was very pretty
Panning for gold after the tour

We found some planted gold and some flakes. It was tons of fun and everyone got to bring home whatever they found.

Bike ride on the Hiawatha (Darren, Amanda and I stayed at the house for this one. ) It was a 15 mile bike ride over 7 high tressels and through 10 tunnels. The longest tunnel was 1.8 miles long and underground. From what I heard, that was one cold tunnel, but totally awesome.

The view
We also went to Silver Mountain resort and rode the longest Gondola in the world! It was 3.1 miles. The day was beautiful and we played at the top, rode chair lifts to Kellogg peak and went on a little nature hike/walk.

I love how Darren is looking at his Dad.

Cousins at the top of the mountain. They also played in some snow!
Not many others on the lifts that day. This picture is everyone from our group.

Wallace, ID was close by so we toured the city, stopped for ice cream and spent a few minutes at the center of the universe--with pictures to prove it!

The "center of the universe" is in the middle of an intersection. When cars come by, the drivers are nice and wait for you to get your pictures. It was a fun little town. We also got ice cream at the ice cream shop that had a friendly old man working there......or not. He was kind of grumpy for running an ice cream shop. Nevertheless, it was a fun time.

Last but not least, we took family photos. 35 people, 5 nights and 6 days, and we're all still talking! We look forward to the next one in 2010 and even more exciting is that we aren't in charge next time!