Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day at the Olympics!

Saturday we took the three older kids and headed up to Canada to spend the day and watch our much anticipated Olympic event of Curling. We caught the skytrain, which was pretty slick, and no one threw up! Not being there before it took us a bit to figure it out but decided we would head over to the Ontario pavilion. Each territory of Canada had an area in which they showcased the culture of their territory. It was really neat. We decided that it was worth it to wait in line to watch a 4D film about Ontario. It was a 2 hour wait! But, I will say the movie (6 minutes) was pretty impressive.

While I held the place in line, Justin and Alex both participated in a hockey shoot out. If they made a goal they won a tuque. They both won! Alex also won a Canada Roots bag playing a Plinko type game.
Brittany supports from the sidelines
Everywhere we looked there was a mass of people. Being a Saturday, it was extra busy but so much fun. Oh, and the weather was gorgeous.

We grabbed lunch at a local pita place and then headed to our venue for our big event.

Alex and his tuque. That is Canadian for ski hat.

Walking to the event we saw some out of towners...well more out of town than we were.
Finally we made it! We were a bit early as we over estimated the amount of time it would take to get there. We had to hang out for a bit but finally were able to enter the stadium.

The kids, killing time.

Practicing their curling skills

I had to add this one. It isn't a picture of me, but Mr. Combover. It was (as my sister in law Heather would say,) Amazeballs.

Curling is actually pretty awesome in person. I am sure it helped that the crowd was crazy, and really helped that Canada was playing...right in front of Canada. They are one of the top teams in the world. I came away with a belief that curling is a game of precision, strategy and tons of skill. And, as Aaron would say, a game where it didn't matter what country you were from, you still yelled the same things at the sweepers.

After the game we headed to the Official Olympic Superstore, picked up some more souvenirs and then to the Olympic cauldron. So glad we saw it and it was really neat at night, too.

Such an awesome adventure. Our friends even saw us on TV twice in the stands during the game. We decided it was time to leave when we couldn't walk without being offered drugs, smelling pot, hearing incredibly bad language and seeing tons of drunk people. After all, we did have our kids with us! And it was late. Back to the car and home by 1am. Thanks Mom for watching the other kids. We had a great time!

To finish it off, here is a quick video of our day highlights: