Sunday, June 20, 2010


Temple Youth Celebration...
Holy Kershnolies
Oh My Word

This is Justin.

If you haven't heard, there was a new Vancouver Temple and Bellingham Stake is the only stake in the U.S. that is in the new temple district. Instead of a 2 hour drive, the time has been reduced to 45 minutes, depending on the border wait. All the youth (12-18) in the district got to participate in the Temple Youth Celebration. (TYC) It. was. amazing. The celebration was a great big show that the prophet would attend the day before the dedication.

TYC was a three day youth conference with practice sessions. We started practicing in February and only got together 5 or 6 times. We performed May 1st.
We were divided up into groups according to what acts we were in.

There was a childrens choir for a few of the baptized children that weren't old enough to participate in the actual thing. Brittany and Alex were chosen to participate. WOW.

The absolute most awesomest girl that I have ever met, (my new canadian best friend) was my best friend at TYC. Her name is Maggie. we have this never ending argument over which country was better. Canada, or America. Her main argument: Canada has cooler looking money, ketchup chips, and America is fat. My main argument: You guys say eh, washroom, and our flag and national anthem is much cooler. She is great.

For more pics and some video of kids, go to
It was an awesome spiritual experience. Right before the performance, President Monson came out and I got to sit twenty feet away from him. ... I know he is a man of god. I was twenty feet away from the prophet of the lord, and Elder Utchdorf. At the beginning of the third day we had a morning side in front of the temple. The person that is in charge of every single temple in the world spoke to us, with the temple in the background. My testimony of the temple is so strong.
Thursday was a get to know you day.
Friday was a small practice day with lots of fun youth activities and playing with our counselors.
Saturday was our spiritual day, with more practice, and the real thing.
Sunday (TYC is over now) was the temple dedication.

We got to Canada by 7:00 every morning and left at 10:00 every night. Everybody got to go to the last song of the 14 and up dance. It was amazing.

TYC was such an amazing experience and I will never forget it as long as I live.

I don't know how to describe it , it was just, amazing. Amazing isn't doing it just. The prophet, the youth, the fun, the spirituality, being with 1200 other lds youth. AMAZING.

These pictures are from Sarah Weaver at Church News

My stake scene

Me escourting a real Vancouver Temple District Pioneer in my special scene!

The finale. Alex and Brittany are up front. I am in the third ring by the bottom left-hand corner. This is all 1200 youth singing the finale song around a big plastic temple. WOW.

President Monson and his Canadian pin that flashed red, white, and blue.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Why not much gets done somedays...

When my morning starts like this...

3 kids watching TV. (without permission to turn it on...a common occurrence here lately)

1 child being 2.

Note: I am NOT complaining. I LOVE staying at home with my kids. Sometimes I just don't get anything done!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You've Got to Admit It's Getting Better

After listening to concerts and recitals for about 7 years now, I have to admit that the quality of the performance is definitely improving. The week before Memorial Day, Justin and the combined Vista and Horizon Middle School marching bands played/competed in the Junior Ski to Sea Parade in Bellingham, Washington. They took first place in their division and yes, there was more than one middle school marching band in the parade. It was fun and we were happy that the sun made an appearance!

Here comes the band!

Yeah for Justin. I don't know anything about marching, but he was the center of the line and marched down the centerline of the road.

He had a good time in the Parade and stopped long enough for me to take a picture of him with another boy in his Deacon's Quorum.

Look, the rest of the kids are even good sports and heckled, I mean, cheered their brother on.