Monday, January 26, 2009

hmmm, fairies

Some of my children are more mischievous than others but I think Amanda has them all beat. Things have gone missing lately and Amanda seems to always know where they are. Last week the Wii remote was on the desk and later that day it was gone. After looking and looking, I asked if she knew where it was since she had been playing computer. She got a sly smile on her face and "found" it under the desk in the back corner. Hmm. Apparently I am a slow learner because all last week I didn't know where my nintendo DS was. Saturday I pulled the couch out, was cleaning behind it and under cushions all in hopes of finding it. Amanda asked what I was doing and I told her I was cleaning but also looking for my DS. I was a bit frustrated that I couldn't find it. She came running in a moment later with my DS wrapped in a bandana. She told me that the fairies had taken it and she found it. Well, after I finished my last blog post, I had left the memory card in the computer because I hadn't finished transferring pictures. When I sat down later to do it, the card was gone. I couldn't find it in the camera or computer and I NEVER leave it out. Today I asked if anyone had seen the memory card for the camera and again my sly little girl told me that she thought the fairies had taken it. I told her the fairies better get it or they will get a spanking on there behinds. "But the fairies are invisible, Mom, so you can't give them spankings but I will help them find it for you." Great. Only this time, the fairies seem to have misplaced the memory card and it hasn't turned up. SO, to make a long story shorter, if any of you fairies are reading this blog, I NEED MY MEMORY CARD! Please return it as soon as possible so I can finish what I started! I promise not to spank. I just want my card back.....and anything else you may have 'borrowed' from me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It only takes a moment...

Today Darren was playing in the cupboards and was happy so I left the kitchen and dried my hair. When I came back, this is what I found. So, although my house may never be clean, at least my kids are fed!

I do have to say that this is right after I finished feeding him his breakfast so it wasn't like he was hungry.
We have discovered that Darren LOVES smoothies. He will attack until he gets to have some. I tried to get a picture of him not looking at me but as soon as he heard the camera on, he wouldn't stop! That is why his eyes are at a funky angle. Darren is also really into avocados lately. When he really likes something he smacks his lips. I love it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome Home David!

Aaron's brother David, returned home on New Years Eve at 9:00 pm. We made the trek over the pass on Tuesday so we could be there for the special occasion.

It was great to see David and I am sure he was a bit overwhelmed but we were glad we were there! He came home to 2 new neices and 2 new nephews, and only one niece couldn't be there.
Hayden, Ade and Darren and Uncle David

Back at the house, while we waited for the big 12:00am, we played Bingo with the bingo queen. If you have played bingo and think it is no big deal, you haven't played with my mother-in-law, Carol. She rocks and makes bingo one of the most fun new years traditions.

Uncle Carl's bingo prize

Waiting for midnight.

Darren was the only one who didn't stay up until midnight. Amanda was so excited and I was very glad that everyone slept in the next day!
Doesn't she have tired eyes?

Fun At Grandma and Grandpa's

We brought a few of our Christmas toys to Grandpa's house and had lots of fun with family.
We all took turns and played nicely. Guitar Hero is a blast!

And, hopefully I am not overwhelming anyone with too many pictures, but with cute babies, you have to take pictures of them in the tub! I actually have a pretty cute video of them too but better get dishes done and laundry off my bed so I can crawl into it!
We had a great time seeing family but are happy to be back home and in our normal routine.

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for putting up with us! (And Uncle Brandon, Aunt Heather, Uncle Carl, Aunt Devin, Ade, Brooks, Hayden and Ella!) We love you all.

OK, OK, I will post Christmas

With all the projects, freezing cold weather, preparing for Christmas, visiting family for New Years, I have neglected a lot of stuff. I finally took the pictures off the camera and put them on the computer. That is step 1. Aaron and I even started our Christmas letter! We haven't given up yet, just are really really slow.

Before Christmas we had to set up our train. Alex begs for this every year and it is kind of a fun tradition.

We also kind of have created a tradition of having fondue at Christmas time. I have a hard time making it for just ourselves so we have invited our friends, the Pringles, over for the last 2 years. This year was swiss cheese fondue and chocolate. Yummy!

I just like this picture! Darren is such a sweetheart. He is so easy going and smiles at anyone. He loves to laugh and is happy. Our home wouldn't be the same without him!

Last year I let the kids open up a present before bed. I had made them all pajamas and they loved that tradition. I wasn't going to do it this year because I didn't eve dust off my sewing machine but we found a great sale and bought the kids all pajama bottoms. They were so silly and goofy and fun. For me, my kids is what makes Christmas so much more meaningful.

We had Christmas at home and woke up to it snowing...again. It was beautiful and I think that was my first official white Christmas. I loved watching the snow fall as we were opening gifts. The kids were so much fun and Amanda couldn't wait to dive into her pile of presents.

I was a great day. Aaron and I spent the whole day playing with our kids. It was so fun for all of us.

Amanda received a little cooking set with some cookie cutters, a rolling pin, measuring spoons and even a little pan that can actually go in the oven! Of course we had to make cookies! She was so much fun.

Do you love my new sweater my husband gave me? He has such good taste.

They day flew by and no one ever got bored. I love my family and this time of year.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ghost of Christmas past?

This Alex during Christmas 2002. I was scanning our Christmas pictures and thought that my little guy looked familiar.

This is Darren this year. What do you think, is there a resemblance? I think it is funny that they both are wearing the same sleeper on Christmas morning, 6 years later!