Sunday, June 29, 2008

How much longer?

Alex has been very timid about going on a ride on our scooter. He loves to wear the helmets and play on it but isn't interested in riding it. This week he summoned up the courage to give it a try. He loves it and asks all day, "How much longer til Dad gets home? I want to go for a ride on the scooter." This is how I found him one afternoon as he was waiting for his Dad. He went on a ride with me to get milk and we had a great time.

Where the Wild things are...

Tuesday morning the kids came running to tell me that there was a deer in the garden. We have been seeing them around lately but never in the garden. Sure enough, here is the proof. Now we just have to pray that he will leave the plants alone (last year a deer ate my friends tomatoes!) and our plants will be safe while we are on vacation. I sent my kids out screaming to scare him away which proved more difficult than one would expect. Hopefully this will be the only time....

Then there are the crows. I have witnessed them taking peanut butter crackers out of the garage. They will sit on the power lines and wait for me to leave. They do return the wrappers usually though so I can at least throw them away. We try to remember to keep the garage door but don't always remember. This is what I saw this week. The annoying things it that they don't eat the ramen! I guess the noodles are too hard or stuck together.
Crows are very talented at opening packages. It is comical that they even get the food considering how much stuff is in the way of the shelves. I guess they know what they want. At least they have cheap taste.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shake it!

Ok, not to overdue it with video, but I couldn't resist. Aaron got a Wii fit for Father's Day and the kids were trying out the hula hoop game.

Last Monday, Brittany had her spring piano recital. Unfortunately, I recorded over the song she composed (dang it!) but here is another one she performed.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


After a week of rocket preparation and waiting for the rain to stop, we finally were able to launch our rockets. The kids were giddy with excitement as we walked to the high school after Stake Conference today. The kids wanted Aaron to try his rocket first to make sure it wasn't too windy. We figured it was better to lose his than one of theirs.

Let the countdown begin! 5..4..3..2..1...Blastoff!

The test run went great and so the kids all had their chance. Alex's 2nd attempt led to a fun recovery. We were all looking in the sky and Brittany found the rocket in the ground. The engine blew out the end and therefore the nose cone didn't blow off. The rocket did a nose dive to the ground and was completely stuck in the ground. No harm though and it was good to go for another round.

His face says it all. He keeps asking when we can do it again. Since we didn't even make a dent in the box of engines (thanks Mom!) we can do it soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Blessing Day

Sunday we were blessed to have support from family and friends for little Darren's blessing. Thanks to all for coming and participating!

Amanda's face says it all. She was sooo tired! We all had a great time though and the kids all LOVE Uncle Carl.

Simple pleasures

After an afternoon of chatting with my boy, I happened to snap a photo while he was smiling! He is starting to smile more often and even talk to us. Times like these make it all worth it.