Sunday, November 22, 2009

We are officially pending

Things happened quickly this week. We received an offer on our home after being on the market for about two months. We countered and they accepted and now we are officially pending on the sale of our home. It has been a great home for the last seven years, we are just starting to burst at the seems and need a bit more room.

With our home officially pending, we turned around and made an offer on another home in Ferndale. The sellers countered our offer and we accepted Saturday afternoon and we are officially pending on that house too! Now we just have to wait for inspections and hope that both homes close on the same day. The move will be quick and chaotic, but we are excited! The house is less than a mile away and we are not changing schools or wards. We narrowed our choice down to two houses, and decided on the house that has more outdoor options. It is located on a dead-end street leading to a cul-de-sac and backs to a maintained green space that includes a 1/4-mile walking trail around a small pond. The house has about 700 square feet more than we have currently and has (or will have after we convert an office) 5 bedrooms. I (Aaron) am most excited about the bigger garage. I no longer have to back the car out of my workshop to start a project! If you are interested in seeing the listing give us a call!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Solemn Occasion

Last Thursday, Nov 12th, my kids and I were able to participate in a solemn but awesome experience in town. Nov. 5th the first county resident was killed in Afghanistan. He was a 2006 graduate from the high school. Maybe it's a small town thing but thousands of people lined overpasses and main street as the motorcade carried his body to the Mortuary. As the motorcade approached there was silence and reverence. What an amazing experience. Maybe it was even more meaningful because it was the day after Veterans Day, or maybe because there was such community support. My heart goes out to the family. I love my country. I am grateful for my freedoms and for those fighting in America's name. I was sad to not have my camera but quickly realized all the people perched on rooftops and knew I could never match theirs. Flags everywhere. Love of country everywhere. It was awesome. Here is a link if you are interested.