Saturday, June 20, 2009

When I am an Adult

While going through Alex's end of school stacks of paper, I came across this story. Why the picture of his Dad has a beard I do not know--perhaps he wrote it when Aaron wasn't shaving due to scraped lips. I am keeping the spelling the same. And, let me just say that I am thrilled that his future plans include working now. Up until now, he has told me that he wants to stay at home and get money from his wife after he does things she wants.

by AJM

When I am an adult I want to be a Geo engineer. I want to be just like my dad and disighn houses. You don't usually disighn stuff but you usually sit down at the computer and answer emails all day. On saturdays my dad gets a day off and we get on the computer and disighn houses! Monday through Friday my dad gets to work on time, and I bet I will to!