Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thanks G-ma!

Brit spent a week with Grandpa and Grandma. The rest of us headed over the mountains to pick her up and some treasures. Lots of dress up sent home with us. My boys want to thank Grandma for the clothes. They fit perfectly!

aren't they lovely?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Day in our Life

Last weekend we participated in the Old Settler's Parade and activities here in town. Aaron, Amanda, Darren and Brit did the 2k walk. The boys and I did the 5K run. AJ ran with me and was insistent on doing it. He loves to go fast and I tried to talk to him about pacing himself but that is hard to do! He did great. We walked for a bit after halfway and then as we were coming down the final stretch we ran down main street and there were tons of people there waiting for the parade to start. He saw a few people from school who cheered him on and then ran so fast I had a hard time keeping up with him!
He was so tired but did great. We finished just under 34 minutes. Justin came in 3rd for his age group and did great too.
There was a raffle after and Amanda won a $25 gift card to Haggen (local grocery store), Brit won some cotton candy and carmel corn and AJ a free pizza! It was great.

Then we hit the parade and had a great time enjoying the community.

My Littlest Guy

School starts in a month. I am excited...but also dreading it. I don't know what I will do without my two oldest helpers all day. Wait, yes I do. I will be spending my day keeping Darren off the table, out of the bread drawer, out of the toilet, away from the street, etc. He is getting into everything and I sometimes am pulling my gray hairs out before noon! Thank goodness for my older children to take him outside to play while I make a meal or take care of something.

We can't keep this kid out of the garden. He picked at least 4 green tomatoes last night while we were working/weeding for FHE activity!
Each night I put Darren down for bed, cover him with a blanket (I know it is hot but I don't want to mess with the routine) give him a kiss and walk out the room. This is what he does after I close the door.

Lately Darren has figured how to climb on things. For a day if I pushed in the chairs and turned the ones on the end around then I could keep him off the table. It took him one day to figure out how to use the chair as a ladder. I guess I will actually have to move the chairs out of the kitchen area. (note: the hissing noise in the background of the 2nd half of video is the pressure canner. 10 quarts of beans from the first picking. not bad.)