Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas, by Justin

December flew by and since we are already into January, Justin is going to update for me. This was the end of our 2009.

Justin: Thanks Mom. Here's the scoop.

Christmas Eve we continued a fun tradition and let everybody open up a present that mom and dad chose. Once again, we got pajamas. Mom had some leftover fabric from dads blanket and shaped up some PJ pants.

After many arguments about who got to write the note to Santa Claus we made the decision to let everybody write their own.
Leaving Santa and the reindeer with a plethora of treats we all went to bed to let visions of sugarplums dance in our heads.
If you can't see I asked for a cell phone and a mini fridge for my room. Brit asked for a bed set. Alex asked for a surprise gift and Amanda asked for a real magic wand that really works.

Waiting for dad to turn on the music.

Amanda's art set and comic book.

Alex's Millennium Falcon Lego set and comic book.

Brittany's bed set and comic book.

My Dutch Oven and comic book

Dad also made Amanda and cousin Nicole a giraffe bank.

Amanda also had one other wish. Bendaroos, as seen on T.V. ( Way too many times in my book.)
Upon receiving them she burst out and in her excitement repeated the whole commercial. This was not even planned this is what she calls them.

The rest of our day...