Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It goes by so fast

I would like to report that everyone is finally healthy and all are doing well but not so. This month has been hard on our family health-wise. We have all gotten the flu bug and some more than once. Justin is currently on his 2nd round of something and has missed 2 days of school laying on the coach looking like he doesn't have enough energy to lift his head. He perked up a bit tonight so hopefully tomorrow will be better. We are ready to have some spring weather and be healthy!

Darren has been getting brave this week and has taken a few steps. He still prefers crawling but loves the praise he gets when he takes the steps. He is so fun and keeps us smiling all day. Here are some Darren highlights.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tag, I'm it

My wonderful sister tagged me last week so I guess I better get this done! Rules: open the 6th folder in your pictures folder on your computer and post the 6th picture. Here you go!

This was taken in 2003 and was a pretty awesome double rainbow. We could see the whole thing of both of them! I don't think I have seen one this vibrant or complete since.

I got tagged again but will have to do that one another night. For now, here is my goofy son who looks like a dude in his new coat he won't take off. He even wears it with his PJ's

One last picture. Justin and Brittany both participated in the county Math Olympiad competition on Saturday. Justin had placed 2nd in District in Individual and his team took 1st. Brittany's team placed 5th in district. For county, although Brittany didn't place at all, Justin's team took 2nd place! He said that he choked on individual but did very well on the team competition. This pic is of his team with each of them sporting their cool trophies. Congrats Justin! That is awesome.