Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving wrap up

This year we headed over to the Tri Cities to enjoy Thanksgiving with the McCain's. We had a good group and decent travel weather.

Good food, good company and a good time.

Thanks Grandma for hosting our brood. We love visiting Grandma's and love to see Great Grandpa, Great Grandma and other family when we are there. (Aaron's Aunt and cousin joined in the festivities as well).

Yummy pies with as much whip cream as we wanted. Perhaps in some cases, more than we wanted!

Mother Nature provided the snow so Aaron and the boys spent an afternoon creating an awesome snow family.

I know they are slowly melting, but at least G-pa and G-ma had something to greet them after we left.

My kids were amazed at all the icicles in Kennewick. Aaron and I decided that the houses there don' t have rain gutters so they are more easily formed there. But, hands down, G-pa and G-ma's house had the BEST and BIGGEST icicle we saw. This picture is after it melted a bit, too. So impressive!

And last but not least, G-ma got the hot tub ready so everyone had to take a dip. Nothing like hot tubbing in the snow, right? That is the best weather to go out in! The kids did their own polar dip to make it even more fun!

We have so many things to be so thankful for, starting with family. Thank you Mom and Dad for housing us. We are grateful for safe travel in spite of frozen wiper fluid and icy spots. We are grateful to our Savior also and as we transition into this Christmas season, we are focusing more on family and friends and showing love for each other. We may be slow at posting but are enjoying life and the adventures that are coming our way.