Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happiness is...

I thought that I would post a few pictures about things that make me smile. Unfortunately I didn't keep the camera with me much but I do smile a lot with my kids. They are so fun and constantly amaze me.

For the first time ever, Alex has declared, "it is fun to read!" He has been reading since before Kindergarten and hasn't been too interested but is finding joy in reading to his sister. I love it.

Last Sunday, Brittany dumped out all our gems and made creations. It brought hours of entertainment (literally) and for multiple days. This is one of her creations.

Of course, happy babies always make mommies smile...and isn't he such a cutie?

Aaron has been working so hard to finish the shelves in the garage. Every time he was in the garage I was so happy for the potential of getting organized. I even bought a label machine! I will have to post a pic when everything is put away and labeled so nicely.

Side note: My garage is finished and the car even got parked in it last night for the first time since July. I still have some organizing to do but am so happy to have that project completed! We have also been canning and looking forward to finishing that next week.

Side note #2: Aaron wants to add that for him happiness today is the afternoon nap he was able to take. It was long and much needed. We had friends over for ice cream sundaes tonight and had fun with them and their 9 children.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I may be late but....

I know I slacked on posting the first day of school stuff but it's not like I have been watching soaps and eating bon bons. I have been working in the garden, canning peaches (25 quarts by myself with a 4 month old is no small feat), mowing lawns, paying bills, doing my primary calling, waiting for my garage shelves to be built, going to Bellingham every day (3 times on Thursday), wondering how Laurel can have an empty shelf in her fridge door, and trying to get to bed before midnight with usually only minutes to spare. Life is good and keeps getting better. Here are a few cute pics of my four month old who is at the top of the charts at 17 lbs and 27 inches long. He loves going on walks in the morning and afternoon to walk kids to and from school. This week his morning nap was in the stroller and seems to work out pretty well.

Darren loves to "drink" out of my water bottle. I know this pic isn't that great but whenever I take a drink he reaches for it and gets frustrated if I don't let him have some.

He has started rolling over to get things and only fallen off the couch twice this week! Guess we can't put him on it anymore (once Amanda was right by him and turned away. I was close by but not close enough apparently).

My favorite pic. I love his foot in his hands. He is just trying to show off his flexibility.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

First day of school!!!!

Okay, I am a week and a half late posting this, but thought I would upload some pics from the first day of school (which was Sept. 3rd).

Alex started 1st grade and is a total dude. Amanda is in preschool this year and is loving it!

Brittany starts 4th grade and got her braces off on the 9th. I will post a pic later. She looks cute and is being good about wearing her retainer. In a few years we will do the braces thing for real but her major problem has been corrected.

Justin started 6th grade and I am really glad that it's not in Jr. High yet. He is loving school so far and seems pretty happy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Traditions....

Last year we went with our friends (the Pringles) on a few hikes for Labor Day. The weather wasn't great but we had fun. This year we went again with the Pringles on a geocaching adventure for Labor Day. Again, the weather wasn't great (a theme this summer) and had a great time...that is until the bee stings. Alex and Nathan were off the trail cache hunting when he started screaming. We thought he touched some stinging nettle. When he got to me, I realized there were bees on him. They were under his shirt and in his coat. It took a few minutes and he walked away with 4 stings! He was stung on his thumb, which swelled pretty good, his back and twice on his tummy. Nathan ended up with 5 or 6, his Dad got one and so did his mom. I got one on my finger and it hurt! Today it itches like crazy. Needless to say, those boys were ready to call it quits and NEVER return to that park again!

After a bribe of ice cream and watching "Annie" in the car (that is the only video we had with us), all was allright. All in all, it was a fun day and we're glad that no one is allergic to bees!

Here is my handsome 4 month old. It is hard to believe that he is already that old--well tomorrow is the official day. Anyway, he is growing quickly and gets mad at us if we are eating a meal and he doesn't get to partake. Today I offered him some little bites of bananas and he loved it. I guess I should get the high chair out and give him some rice cereal. They grow so quickly.