Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Busy Intro to Autumn

(As if any part of our current life couldn't be described as busy) I am ignoring the fact that we haven't posted anything since March. Sorry. Anyway since I found myself with an extra hour this morning, I have some time to update the blog!

We started school this year with two kids in Junior High, two kids at Elementary School, and two kids at home. Everybody has settled in and I haven't heard any complaints about teachers or classes. Justin started early morning seminary (which starts at 6:00am) this year which starts 18 uninterrupted years of at least one of our kids in seminary! (I think I just sprouted a few gray hairs thinking about it.)

Alex and Justin both joined the cross-country team for their respective schools. Justin ran with the Varsity squad and did pretty well. Alex progressed through the year and his best finish was 4th place.